Our Books

Pictish Beast Publications publishes books under four broad categories: Academic textbooks, children’s educational books, children’s picture books, and fiction for adults. However, as a broadly educational publisher, the vast majority of our books fall into the first two categories. More details about what we publish under each category is provided below.

  1. Academic Textbooks: The academic books we publish generally fall into our PSLSPractical Skills for Life Sciences – series. These books aim to provide practical information to undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and academics to help them develop new skills. At the moment, these books are primarily focused on GIS (geographic information systems) skills, but as we develop the series further, we will expand into other areas that are relevant to those working in the biological sciences.You can find more about it by clicking here.
  2. Children’s Educational Books: Our children’s educational books aim to provide a fun and different way to learn more about specific topics. In particular, we focus on the use of drawing to help encourage interest and expand knowledge of a variety of different areas, including writing skills, language development and general knowledge. You can find more about it by clicking here.
  3. Children’s Picture Books: Our children’s picture books represent only a small proportion of what we publish, and those that we do are ones which specifically aim to help children develop key life skills, such as intra- and interpersonal relationship skills. You can find more about it by clicking here.
  4. Fiction For Adults: Our fiction for adult books focus on the post-apocalyptic survival genre, and only represent a small proportion of what we publish.You can find more about it by clicking here.