Our Academic Textbooks

The academic books we publish generally fall into our PSLSPractical Skills for Life Sciences – series. These books aim to provide practical information to undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and academics to help them develop new skills. At the moment, these books are primarily focused on GIS (geographic information systems) skills, but as we develop the series further, we will expand into other areas that are relevant to those working in the biological sciences. Our list of currently available books is divided into two series. The first is the An Introduction to Using GIS in Marine Biology series, and the second is the GIS For Biologists series.

The An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology Series: This series currently consists of eight books aimed at postgraduate students, researchers and academics working in marine biology. These are a main reference book (An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology by Colin D. MacLeod), and seven supplementary workbooks. Together, these form a comprehensive introduction to the practical use of GIS in all aspects of marine biological research. You can find more about this series by clicking here.

The GIS For Biologists Series: This series currently consists of a single book (GIS For Biologists: A Practical Introduction For Undergraduates by Colin D. MacLeod). As the title suggests, this book is primarily aimed at the undergraduate market and aims to provide both an introductory reference information and practical exercises to introduce new users in any areas of biological research to GIS. This book is accompanied by an online course based around on-demand videos that is available from the GIS For Biologists websiteYou can find more about this book by clicking here.