Other Children’s Educational Books

These books represent one-off educational books for children that do not belong to any of our other series for this audience. At present, there is one book in this category.

Note For Educators: If you wish to use any of the contents of this book for educational purposes, an educational licence (which allows you to legally photocopy pages to create handouts) can be purchased from here. Ideas for classroom activities to accompany each of this book can be found here, too.

The Little Book Of Zombie Mathematics by Colin M. Drysdale

Your machine gun can fire 57 bullets a minute. There are 200 zombies staggering towards you and they’ll reach you in three and a half minutes. Do you have the fire power to kill them all before they get to you?

Mathematics can be oh so dry and boring. All those numbers floating around; and then there are the letters: what on earth are they doing in there? Shouldn’t they be in the English classroom helping people read?

But wait, did you know you can do maths with zombies? That sounds more exciting, doesn’t it? When maths becomes the key for surviving in a world where the dead hunt the living, it’s so much more fun. This is the premise behind The Little Book of Zombie Mathematics: make maths fun by adding the undead. After all, everything’s better with zombies.

And you never know, if a zombie apocalypse were ever to happen, knowing how to do maths with zombies might just save your life!

Oh and if you’re wondering what the answer is to the problem above, it’s no you don’t. To find out why, just read this book.

ISBN: 978-1-909832-21-3 (Paperback Edition). RRP: GBP: 9.99. Published November 2015. Awards: Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Science/Nature/Environment) 2016; Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Children’s/Juvenile Non-Fiction) 2016. Click here to download a copy of the Advanced Information Sheet for this title.