‘Mantras To Help Kids Win At Life’ Author-led Classroom Visit

Are you a primary school teacher in Scotland looking for an author-led classroom visit that’s a little bit different? Do you want a workshop that will help your students understand how their brains work, and how they can build themselves a better brain?

If so, then this might just be the classroom visit you are looking for! For more information, read on, and to enquire about booking a class visit, or if you need any additional information, simply fill in the contact form below.

Based around the recently published children’s book titled Mantras To Help Kids Win At Life by Colin M. Drysdale, these classroom visits are best suited to children in Primaries Four to Seven.

Lasting approximately one hour (depending on the time slot available), and costing £50 for each class visited (plus the cost of travelling to the school), these classroom visits start by introducing students to how their brains work and why they can sometimes cause them to behave in inappropriate ways. This includes using a glass head that acts as a model of how different parts of the human brain can respond differently to the same situation, leading to problems when trying to decide how best to react. This leads on to information about what mantras are and how children can be used to re-programme their  brains to respond in more appropriate ways.  This is then followed by examples of mantras which can be used to help them develop a growth mindset, persistence and resilience to any problems they may encounter. The visit then ends with a demonstration of how they can use these mantras and mental skills to learn how to do a brand new skill. This making a balloon animal, and each student in the class will be given the opportunity to make their own.

The visits are led by Dr Colin M. Drysdale (the author of Mantras To Help Kids Win At Life). He is a research biologist and author who has spent the last few years developing techniques to help children make the most of their abilities and opportunities.

Note: If you wish, we can also provide copies of Mantras To Help Kids Win At Life for each student in the class at a 50% reduction on the RRP. This means that each copy would cost £3.74, rather than the usual £6.99. This allows these interactive books to be used in follow-up activities to help develop and embed the knowledge the students have gained during the visit itself.

Contact Form

If you would like to book a class visit, or if you would like any further information, simply fill in the contact form below using the subject Mantras Book Classroom Visit Enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email us directly at info[at]pictishbeastpublications.com.