‘Draw Your Own Encyclopaedia Scotland’s Seabirds’ And ‘Scotland’s Dolphins’ Author-led Classroom Visit

Are you a primary school teacher in Scotland looking for an author-led classroom visit that’s a little bit different? Is your class doing Oceans or another sea-related topic? Would you like a visit from a real-life marine biologist?

If so, then this might just be the classroom visit you are looking for! For more information, read on, and to enquire about booking a class visit, or if you need any additional information, simply fill in the contact form below.

Colin M. Drysdale, the author of the children’s factual books Draw Your Own Encyclopaedia Scotland’s Dolphins and Draw Your Own Encyclopaedia Scotland’s Seabirds, has worked as a marine biologist in Scotland, and around the world, for more than twenty years. During this visit, he will introduce your class to a range of facts from these books in a fun and interactive way, including comparing their ‘wing span’ to that of a northern gannet (Scotland’s largest seabird), seeing how long the class can hold their breath for in comparison to a foraging puffin, looking at how you can tell individual dolphins apart, measuring out the length of a killer whale (Scotland’s largest dolphin) and seeing how their age compares to the longest-lived marine species (some of which can live for hundreds or even thousands of years). Once the children have been introduced to each fact, they will the find out how we learn these facts in the first place. Thus, your students not only learn about marine life, they also learn about where factual information comes from in the first place.

At the end of this visit, there will also be time for your students to ask any questions they like about marine animals, marine conservation working as a marine biologist or writing factual books. These classroom visits are best suited to children in Primary Two to Primary Six (although they can be successfully done for children as young as Primary One and as old as Primary Seven).

These visits typically last around one and cost £50 per class visited (plus travel expenses).

Note: If you wish, we can also provide copies of Draw Your Own Encyclopaedia Scotland’s Dolphins and/or Scotland’s Seabirds for each student in the class at a 50% reduction on the RRP. This means that each copy would cost £3.74, rather than the usual £6.99. This allows these interactive books to be used in follow-up activities to help develop and embed the knowledge the students have gained during the visit itself.

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