Bulk Order Service For Schools

We provide a service where we provide the option for schools in the UK to place bulk orders for our children’s educational books (including the books in our Draw Your Own Encyclopaedia series) and receive a 28% discount on the RRP for each book, along with free delivery. A minimum of ten books need to be ordered at the same time to qualify for this discounted rate, and all the books will be supplied in a single package to the school address provided.

These bulk orders can be for the school, if you wish to purchase multiple copies of the same book, or for pupils within your school to allow them to purchase our educational books at a discounted rate. In addition, for every ten books ordered, we will provide a free book for the teacher placing the order as well as a free educator’s licence for that book which allows you to legally photocopy sections of the book to make classroom handouts for as long as you own a physical copy of the book.

To place a bulk order, please download our Bulk Order Form from here (its in a Word Document format). There are two parts to this form. The first page contains the order form that you need to complete and email back to us at cdm[at]pictishbeastpublications.com, while the second page is a form which you can hand out to your pupils to complete, and to allow you to collect the appropriate money from them.

Please Note: Your oder will only be completed once we receive payment for it, and this will be arranged once your order has been submitted and we have checked the total due.

If you have any questions about our bulk order service (including supplying bulk orders to countries other than the UK), please email cdm[at]pictishbeastpublications.com with the subject line: Bulk Order For Schools Query.