For Booksellers

***Update For UK Booksellers: Our Draw Your Own Encyclopaedia kids books are now available through BookSource***

Currently, our all books are available to order through the Neilson Book Ordering Service, through wholesalers, such as Gardner Books, or from the Ingram Content Group. If, for some reason, you cannot obtain any of our books through these channels, you can purchase them directly from Pictish Beast Publications (email: info[at]

With the exception of our academic textbooks, all books are available at the standard industry discount rates on the RRP to wholesalers and booksellers, and are available on a sale-or-return basis.

Our academic textbooks are niche products which are primarily produced to be sold direct to the end users, rather than through bookshops, and as a result, we only offer a small discount on the RRP to booksellers and wholesalers.

We are currently working to find an alternative distributor to help make is easier for booksellers to stock our books using their standard supply chains.