Child Psychology And Development Books

The books on this page relate to child psychology and development. This includes books for children themselves, as well as books for parents/educators.

Mantras To Help Kids Win At Life

A mantra is a short, easy-to-remember phrase that, if you repeat it to yourself, will help remind you how to positively respond to or cope with a specific situation you might find yourself in. This makes mantras excellent tools for helping to teach children how to prepare for, and deal with, anything life has to throw at them.

This workbook contains twelve different mantras. Each on has been carefully created based on the results of the latest research into human psychology to help children develop a different mental tool to cope with a type of situation they might otherwise find difficult to deal with. This makes each one very useful on its own, but when they are brought together, these mantras form a mental tool kit that will help children achieve more of whatever they wish to achieve, cope better with any obstacles they may encounter, and leave them feeling more relaxed and happier than they would be if they didn’t have these tools available to them.

Each individual mantra is accompanied by information on when it should be used, how it helps and how it can be practiced as well as the opportunity to try it out by drawing a picture of completing a short conversation you might have based on it. Space it also provided at the end for children to add their own mantras to help them personalise their mental tool kit and adapt it to their own personal needs.

ISBN: 978-1-909832-72-5 (Paperback Edition). RRP: GBP: 6.99. Published August 2019. Click here to download a copy of the Advanced Information Sheet for this title. A Classroom Edition of this book, specially designed and formatted for teachers, is also available (ISBN 978-1-909832-73-2).

A Self-Control Development Programme For Primary Classrooms

Self-control, also know as delayed gratification, is a core life skill, and the level of self control in young children is one of the best predictors of whether they will grow into happy and successful adults. It is also key to academic success and the development of other core life skills, such as  a growth mindset. Aimed at teachers and other educators, this book provides a self-control development programme specifically created for use in primary classrooms, and it contains everything you need to help your students develop good self-control skills,

ISBN: 978-1-909832-69-5 (Paperback Edition). RRP: GBP: 14.99. Published August 2019. Click here to download a copy of the Advanced Information Sheet for this title.