Welcome to Pictish Beast Publications. We are an independent publisher based in Glasgow, Scotland. We primarily specialise in publishing books with a broadly educational focus, although we do occasionally publish other types of books too.

Pictish Beast Publications was established in 2011 to publish a series relatively niche academic textbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate students in  the biological sciences (under the PSLS  – Practical Skills for Life Sciences – brand). However, since 2016, we have started to expand out into other areas, including educational books aimed at primary age children. These books mix reading, general knowledge and drawing to create a fun way for children to expand their knowledge and literary skills. These books include the Draw Your Own … series, the Learning By Drawing series and the Draw Your Own Encyclopaedia series.  To make things easier for educators who wish to use these books in their classrooms, we provide the option of purchasing an educational licence which allows teachers to legally photocopy pages from books in these three series to create handouts for their students. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

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